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While Kamloops isn't great,it's still where I call home,even if it has more rednecks and hicks then I care to count. Here are some of the best places to go if you're like me:

Maximum comics(Formerly Riverside Collectibles):
For me this is as close to heaven as it comes without an Electronics department.The girl who runs the place is a major hottie(I'm dating not dead),would've made paying out the major cash for my Role Playing books alot less painful then handing it over to the last owners.

Discovery Computers:
A hacker's paradise,these guys are true techno junkies and hackers and it shows when they talk about systems and addons like motherboards and fans.They carry parts for the hardcore hackers and system designers,everything from casings to the new Epoch motherboard for the AMD processors. I'll be doing my work experience there(translation: no pay for 6 weeks). After the 6 weeks I'll be applying to see if I can get on the their staff permanently.The guys there are among the best I've ever seen,while I'm no tech,I don't have a degree as a Com Tech and haven't been certified by Microsoft to work with Windows, I know quite abit about hardware and a few other little things like code.

Two words: Electronic heaven(for gamers that is).This place is the best place in town for games,the staff in the Computer Dept. are gamers and Dalan and I love talking with them about the latest releases and graphics cards.

Chapters Bookstore:
A bookstore with a Starbucks built in, I love whoever came up with this idea,a good book and a caffine buzz to boot,sweet(no pun intended).

The new Cineoplex:
great place,8 theaters,just go there about 15 minutes before the movie starts,any earlier and the theater is like a sensory deprivation tank,anyone hear of a lightswitch? Oh yeah very expensive,13 bucks per person on weekday nights(comes complete with dual shock seats,someone want to turn the volume down or atleast take the subwoofer off the back of my chair).

Jesey city:
A sports fan's heaven,great for as the name suggests, Jerseys, as well as anything else sports.

Casey's Collectables:
The guys that run this place are great, they know me by my first name by now, I spend alot of time there.

Merlin Books:
A nice book store across from the library,the staff is a little too perky for my tastes, but they have good selection of the Star War Books.

Vern's Pizza:
The best place in town for pizza,the slices weigh about a pound after cooking, I never go fishing without atleast 2 slices to tide me over for the day(which fortunately takes me about a day to eat them both).

Executive Biliards:
Great place to shoot pool,not many teens there(a perk), also good place to grab a bacon cheeseburger and a Sprite afterwards.They have a great selection of Cues for sale aswell, you just have to ask Bill for the catalogues behind the counter.He gives me member rates on the tables even though I haven't paid my 50 bucks for a lifetime membership(I owe you Bill, thanks).

Sun Peaks:
A snowboarders paradise,good powder and some fine snowhunnies in the winter(too bad about the 4 layers of gear to keep from freezing their butts off, (I could make so many comments right now,but I won't),and some great sunsets in the spring and summer(remember Angela, I still owe you a sunset date up there, and I intend to give it to you one day.)

Riverside Park:
A nice place in the spring and summer, avoid swimming there in December(take it from someone who's done it),some good hunnies in the summer,but nothing to write home about.

well that about covers it, I'll mention some restauraunts later maybe.


Sun Peaks Village:
Apartments starting at a measley 90 grand and houses for 200 grand.I'd pay that much easily,but then no job means no cash I guess.It's a great place to relax,nothing like tearing down the fresh powder and annoying a few skiiers on the way there.


one of my favorite pictures of sun peaks village.