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G-Force's Personal Site

Hi, as you may have guessed my real name isn't G-Force (my parents aren't that cruel),my real name is Jeff.I'm 20 years old and currently working on my High school diploma, I messed up when I was younger and dropped out for a couple years.

Now back to the G-Force bit, I'm an avid flight sim junkie,this is my callsign(or nickname) among my fellow virtual pilots.A callsign is never chosen by the pilot who will be using it,it is earned,it's a badge of honor to some end.The way it's earned is simple, through how you fly or a funny story you told at a bar about your past.I recieved mine when I used to fly Jane's F/A-18 flight sim, for those of you who are unfamilar with the term G-Force,it's used by pilots and aeronautic engineers to to describe the pull of gravity(ie 3 gees means the pilot is pulling 3 times his body weight). I earned this callsign when I used to pull too many gees in a turn causing my aircraft to break apart, usually after I suffered Gee Lock( I'll describe that later).I am a proud Canadian citizen born in Victoria, B.C. and raised in Kamloops B.C. since before I can remember.After High school I hope to attend the Royal Military college of Canada under the pilot program. I am a techno junkie and gamer by nature, I need to know what new games and technology are coming out and when. I am also a career soldier, once I get into the Air Force I won't leave until they make me.

I've had a far from normal life, during the 80's my family had a member die almost every year,starting with my Grandfather and so on, the one that I really remember was my mom when I was 4,I don't say this for sympathy,I just want people to understand where I'm coming from.I was raised by my dad,who,while isn't perfect did the best he could,considering he was trying to fufil two roles.When I was 12 I became somewhat cold to the world,I would fake a smile when I saw my friends and family,but believe me I was ice cold,to me it was a defense against life itself,it was like this until I was 18,then I decided to let my guard down abit. When I was 19 I met Angela,what I did to deserve her I'll never know,but it must have been something great.A month or so later I met Christina,she's kept me somewhat normal through dating a girl 6000 miles away,not an easy task. I workout when I can,usally doing more damage to my body than anything else,as my friends will tell you,nothing serious,atleast from my point of view,but that seems to differ from my friends. After I get through Flight School I'll probably fly for a few years then transfer to Special Forces Counter Terrorism/Hostage Rescue Unit.Right now I'm not all that sure about a family,I'm a soldier,it's what I do best.


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

Top Gun,Saving Private Ryan,Soldier,Hackers,Hot Shots,Star trek First Contact,Ghost in the Shell,and Final Fantasy the Spirits within,and any of the Robotech series

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

Collective Soul,Creed, Everclear,Third Eye blind,Alien Ant Farm,Papa Roach,and the Offspring,and almost anything else except country music

Favorite TV Shows:

The Oblongs,Mission Hill,Undergrads,and pretty much anything Sci-fi.

Favorite games:(do I have that much space?)

The sims(it manages to keep me somewhat sane, if I can't date my girl in real life cyberspace and the sims will have to do.),Jane's F/A-18 Flight Sim,Combat Flight Simulator 1&2,Anything by Tom Clancy(Rogue Spear, Ghost Recon,now that's a sweet game,love the new Landwarrior GPS System being put in,just like what the US Army is being issued). Almost any Flight Sim gets me drooling,just don't try to pass that piece of junk Crimson skies off as a flight sim,it has as much in common with a flight sim as calling an prop driven aircraft a modern jet fighter,the similarties between Crimson skies and a flight sim end with the fact that they both have aircraft.

Favorite Quotes:
"What, your mom get you a 'puter for Christmas?"
-Lord Nikkon,Hackers