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My Friends


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G-Force's Personal Site

Allow me to introduce you you to my friends, I have many but few I consider close.

Probably my closest friend besides Dalan,Angela and I dated for awhile,but things happened and we aren't dating.Maybe someday I'll get another chance with her if I'm that lucky.She's my dream girl, smart, funny,incredibly sexy.Any guy she winds up with is the luckiest guy ever.

Like a brother to me, a fellow gamer,techno junkie and anime fan.We think almost the exact same things at any given moment, we've been friends since I was 16 and just getting back into school.

like an older brother to me,we've been friends since I was 12 and we used to go out the arcade until midnight and then came home, dad never liked it when I did that.Now he has a family of his own,guess that means no more all night arcade trips anymore.Too bad,I was getting good enough to beat him in some those games you used to whip me at,oh well I'll get a rematch sooner or later.

Dan introduced me to Derek when I was 16.He's a great guy,he has a great sense of humor.He's a talented artist,both with a pencil and musical instrument.

Another guy Dan introduced me to when I was 16.A techno junkie like myself, as well as a Gamer and good friend.Guys like Wayne are always interesting to be around.

Derek's wife,has a sense of humor like Derek's.She's very socially concious and that's one of the many traits I admire about her.

My friend Troy's dad,Troy lives in Ottawa and I haven't seen him in a long time, but I still talk with his dad who lives in town.Peter is one of the smartest men I know, great in math and science, he is also a cunning strategist as I learned when we played chess.

Probably one of the few girls I've allowed to get close to me.She's always there to make sure I don't give up easily on getting into RMC(like I'd ever do that).we've never met in person, but she's coming up to visit in February to see her boyfriend who also lives in BC.She's already hyper about it,I'd hate to be sitting next to her on the plane trip up here,lol,Just kidding Christina.

A very good friend to me.She's there to listen to whatever I have to say.She understands me better than anyone I know.Even if she isn't used to the cold like me(the price for being from Burbank Cali I guess).

One of my friends in the British Special Air Services(SAS) and fellow Canuck.I won't publish his real name,it is a covert strike unit after all. What these guys do make the SEALs look like amatuer hour. Hey Ric,thanks for telling the Commanding Officer of the Canadian Spec Ops unit about me, I'll definetly try out for it,if I make it after flight school maybe I'll wind up covering you,stranger things have happened,and remember,Who dares wins!

I got these pictures from Corena's website(hope you don't mind Corena)


Dan and his wife Shauna.