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G-Force's Personal Site

These are my personal views,you may not share them and I can accept that,here I will cover everything from the military to religion.

I am a strong supporter of the canadian Armed Forces,they work with outdated equipment and still have a decent image. Canadians have the best reputations among the peacekeeping forces,we are the first one in as peacekeepers and the last ones to leave,Peacekeeping is alot more difficult than being deployed as a soldier,while you are a soldier,you must also be a diplomat and police officer.When you're deployed as a peacekeeper 9 out of 10 times you aren't deployed under Chapter 7 of the NATO act,which states that you can not only return fire but fire into submission.When you aren't deployed under Chapter 7 you can only fire after you have been fired upon.I respect the men and women who put their lives on the line defending their country and it's allies.

Hacking and Phreaking:
Hacking:(n) An inelegant and usually temporary solution to a problem.

(v) To modify a program, often in an unauthorized manner, by changing the code itself.

Phreaking:Closely related to hacking, using a computer or other device to trick a phone system. Typically, phreaking is used to make free calls or to have calls charged to a different account.

I am an amatuer hacker(no I can't hack the CIA and DND mainframes,nor do I have the desire.)Contrary to what the media will have you believe,our only crime is that of curiousity and the pursuit of knowledge.Yes there are those that seek to create chaos,however most hackers are not like that,those that seek chaos are the ones that give us a bad name. During my highschool years I have been called a geek, and I proudly say I am,I would rather be a geek than a jock who even if they make the majors have short careers,while if you are a programming geek the worst injuries you suffer are paper cuts and maybe a case of carple tunnel syndrome,but you can still program after that,and there are very few programmers that retire due to severe injuries.I believe information should be free,just because a greedy buisness man got to a programmer that he could make billions on his code(Anyone hear of a guy called Bill Gates?) doesn't mean it's right,information belongs to the entire human race,not just those that can afford it.

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