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What's happening with me now


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Well I'm still dating Angela,even though her parents probably want me dead.I'm working on my grade 11,I hate every subject except physics and Socials(the 2 I ace without trying).I'm undergoing physio therapy for my right shoulder,note to self: being able to dislocate it at will is a BAD thing, see doctor before a year and a half goes by.My therapist is trying to kill me, atleast my right arm, I have almost no movement in it at all right now without that wonderful feeling like my muscles are being ripped out one at a time.My cousin is trying to drive me insane(what else is new).Last week I spoke to my teacher about work experience at Discovery Computers,I'll only be puting in about 7 hours a week( I know, I know, I wanted more hours,thank my teacher for my hours).Once I start working there I'll be going over her head to Mr. Wallrich to see if I can get more hours, I mean I want to prove that I should be on the staff permanently,and frankly 7 hours a week just doesn't cut it.Besides, technology is my element,the more time I spend with people who actually respect my knowledge of motherboards,graphics cards,Operating Systems and such, the better.The guys there are like me,one guy is about my age and has been tearing computers apart since he was 8(I knew pulling apart my old Kentron XT was a good idea). A few of my friends that are in the military have been sent over to Afghanistan,I feel a little left out on that one, I can only imagine what it's going to be like for them,to me I've only really felt alive when fighting.Next week Dalan and I are going to the Smashmouth concert in town,3rd row center,his kid brother and sister are going aswell,they're bringing a friend each aswell, should be great.