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Code of Conduct

These are the rules for the 419th:

~No member of this squad shall personally attack another member,we are a team.If you have a problem with another member take it up with them in private,this keeps the problem private,if it is absolutely neccessary,direct a complaint towards a senior officer.

~No racial comments, jokes are jokes,but some take offense to these type of comments

~keep the foul language to a minimum.

~Respect the chain of command, I don't mean snap a salute everytime one of us gets booted from a server,just treat each other with the respect you would want,we are after all in our hearts,pilots, and do enjoy giving each other a rough time every so often.

~No form of cheating will be torlerated in multiplayer sessions.

~Above all else,have fun with the squadron,our goal is to enjoy ourselves.

419th Tactical Fighter Squadron

Fighter Tactics best


I know this is a CFS squadron, but we have to show our respect to those unsung heroes on the ground going insane when we buzz the tower(or is it just me that does that).