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For those of you who wish to fly with us here are the requirements.

Enlistment Requirements:

the following requirements are non-negotiable

~Must be an active member of 6th Group Bomber Command.

~You have to have trained with the 440th Squadron and be able to transfer out.

~Have all required downloads for 440th Squadron.

For those of you haven't trained with 440th Squadron or Enlisted:

~If you haven't enlisted simply goto the 6th Group HQ or click the link to the application.

~If you are not an active member you will not be considered for placement within the 419th squadron until you are.

~All new recruits train with 440th for a month and sometimes longer, depending on whether or not they want to transfer out.

~First and foremost we are here to have fun and enjoy the company of fellow flight sim enthusiasts.

~for Promotions we do not look at performance in combat as much as most squads, you don't have to be an Ace, we prefer to look at your participation in the group and such.

~Non 6th Group members are welcome at all practices unless stated otherwise.

Welcome to 6th Group,We look forward to seeing you on the roster.If you have any questions please email me at: or look for me on ICQ my ICQ Number is 104384189.I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Advice for New Recruits:

This is to prep the new recruits for what to expect.
We are a tightly knit group,I haven't met everyone in 6th yet,but we have a fairly large roster.Most of the members enjoy reading up on WWII aviation,W/C Wonky Way has taught me alot about the subject,little pieces here and there that I had no idea about,which then got me doing research on them.We're all friends in the squad,we also encourage communications outside the squads.Try to attend events and practices as much as your scheduele permits.Be prepared for friendly competition when flying(it's a pilot thing),also be prepared to fly with (and get shot down by) some great guys.

419th Tactical Fighter Squadron

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Wing Commander(W/C)~>By individual request or invitation by 6th Group HQ

Squadron Leader(S/L)~>Promoted by 6th Group HQ directive

Flight Lieutenant(F/L)~>Appointment to Flight Commander by 6th Group HQ

Flying Officer(F/O)~>after proven commitment as P/O and approved by 6 Group HQ

Pilot Officer (P/O) ~> As soon as possible on OC's recommendation to 6 Group HQ

Cadet (CDT) ~> on posting to requested squadron

Aircraftsman (AC) ~> Recruits