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419th Aircraft Specifications


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Here you will find the specs and some history behind each aircraft flown by the 419th from their first days as a Squadron to the Present.These aircraft have helped make the 419th Squadron one of the most well known Canadian Squadrons around,but the caliber of the pilots who fly these great aircraft are the real reason.


The Vickers Wellington Bomber AKA "the Flying Cigar"

The Vickers Wellington was the first aircraft that the 419th flew. It earned the nickname "The Flying Cigar" based on the shape of it's fuselage.


Engine:two 119 kW (1,500 hp)Bristol Hercules XI radial engines.
Wingspan:26.26 m (86 ft 2 in)
Height:5.31 m (17 ft 5 in)
Weight:empty 8417 kg (18,556 lb)
Maximum take-off:13381 kg (29,500lb)
Length:18.54 m(60 ft 10 in)
Maximum speed at 3810 m (12,500 ft):410 km/h(255 mp/h)
Service Ceiling:5790 m (19,000 ft)
Range:2478 km (1,540 miles) with 2041 kg (4,500 lb) of bombs.

Armarment:eight 7.7 mm (0.303 in) machine-guns (two in the nose and in the tail turret and one on each beam),plus a maximum bombload of 2041 kg (4,500 lb) or one 1814 kg (4,000 lb) bomb.

419th Tactical Fighter Squadron


The Handley Page Halifax Bomber

The Handley Page Halifax Bomber was the second aircraft the 419th Squadron flew. It was one of the greatest bombers ever flown, many airmen in WWII called it the best bomber ever to grace the skies. The Halifax became well known for inflicting great ammounts of damage to enemy forces.


Engine:four 1204 kW (1,615 hp) Bristol Hercules XVI 14 cylinder radial piston engines.
Wingspan:31.75 m(104 ft 2 in)
Wing Area:118.45 m2(1,275 sq ft)
Height:6.32 m(20 ft 9 in)
Weight:empty 17345 kg (38,240 lb)
Maximum take-off 29484 (65,000 lb)
Length:21.82 m(71 ft 7 in)
Maximum speed at 4115 m(13,500 ft):454 km/h(282 mp/h)
Long Range cruising speed at 6095 m(20,000 ft):346 km/h(215 mp/h)
Service ceilling:7315 m(24,000 ft)
Range with maximum bombload:1658km(1,030 miles)

Armarment:one 7.7 mm (0.303 in)machine-gun on pivoted mount in the nose and four similar guns in each of the dorsal and tail turrets,plus up to5897 kg(13,000 lb) of bombs.


The AVRO CF-100 "Canuck"

When the 419th was stood up again,almost a full decade after being disbanded, they were assigned to the AVRO CF-100 "Canauck" all weather interceptor.


Engine:two 3300 kg (7275 lb) thrust Orenda 11 or 14 turbo jet engines.
Wingspan:17.68 m(58 ft 0 in)
Wing Area:54.90 m2(591.0 sq ft)
Height:4.74 m(15 ft 6 1/2 in)
Weight:empty 10478 kg(23,000 lb)
maximum take-off 16738 kg(37,000 lb)
Length:16.48 m(54 ft 1 in)
Maximum speed at 3050 m(10,000 ft):1046 km/h(650 mp/h)
Maximum speed at 12190 m(40,000 ft):945 km/h(587 mp/h)
Service ceilling:16460 m(54,000 ft)
Clean combat radius:1046 km(650 miles)
Maximum range:3220 km(2000 miles)

Armarment:Eight 12.7 mm (0.50 in)Colt Browning machine-gunsin a ventral pack and nose-mounted APG-33 radar.


the British Aerospace CT-155 "Hawk" Jet trainer

When the 419th was reactivated in 2000 they were one of the first squadrons to be assigned to the CT-155 Jet trainer.The Moose squadron once again took up the role of training combat pilots for the Canadian Air Force, aswell as NATO Pilots.


Engine:one 23590 kg (5,200 lb)thrust Rolls-Royce/Turbomeca Adour Mk 151 turbofan.
Wingspan:9.39 m (30 ft 9 3/4 in)
Wing Area:16.69 m2 (179.64 sq ft)
Height:3.99 m (13 ft 1 3/4 in)
Weight:empty 3647 kg (8,040 lb)
Maximum take-off:7750 kg (17,085 lb)
Length (excluding probe):11.17 m (36 ft 7 3/4 in)
Maximum speed:1038 km/h (650 mp/h)
Service ceiling:15240 m (50,000 ft)
Ferry Range (clean):2430 km (1,510 miles)
Endurance: 4 hours

Armarment:Underfuselage/wing hardpoints to accommodate 2567 kg (5,660 lb) of external stores.


The AVRO Lancaster Bomber

The AVRO Lancaster was the third and final bomber the 419th Squadron flew before being disbanded on September 5th 1945.The Lancaster is one of the most well known bombers of the WWII era and for good reason it inflicted heavy casaulties and damage on the enemy forces. The picture of the Lancaster above is in a 419th paint scheme.


Engine:four 1223 kW (1,640 hp)Rolls-ROyce Merlin 24 inline piston engine.
Wingspan:31.09 m2(102 ft 0 in)
Wing area:120.49 m2 (1,297 sq ft)
Height:6.10 m (20 ft 0 in)
Weight:empty 16738 kg (36,900 lb)
Maxmum take-off 31751 kg (70,000 lb)
Length:21.18 m (69 ft 6 in)
Maximum Speed at 3505 m (11,500 ft): 462 km/h (287 mp/h)
Cruising speed:338 km/h( 210 mp/h)
Service ceilling:7468 m( 24,500 ft)
Range:4072 km (2,530 miles)with 3175 kg (7,000 lb) bombload.

Armarment:Eight 7.7 mm (0.303in) machine-guns (two in each nose and dorsal turret and 4 in the tail turret), plus bomb load comprising one 9979 kg (22,000 lb) bomb or up to 6350 kg (14,000 lb) of smaller bombs.


The Northrop CF-5 "Freedom Fighter" Lightweight Fighter

When 419th was stood up again in 1975 and transfered to CFB Cold Lake,they were assigned to the CF-5 fighter.They flew it until 1995 when the Moose was disbanded once again, this time the CF-5 known as Moose leader (pictured) was retired aswell,the armed forces gutted the aircraft and mounted it in front of the Kamloops Airport, where it remains to this day as a reminder of those who have served with the Squadron and made the ultimate sacrifice.


Engine:two 2268 kg (5,000 lb)afterburning thrust General Electric J85-GE-21 turbojets.
Wingspan:8.13 m(26 ft 8 in)
Wing Area:17.28 m2(186.0 sq ft)
Height:4.06 m(13 ft 4 in)
Weight:empty 4410 kg (9,723 lb)
Maximum take off 11214 kg(24,722 lb)
Length:14.45 m(47 ft 4 3/4 in)
Maximum speed at 10975 m(36,000ft):Mach 1.64 or 1743(1083 mp/h)
Service ceilling:15790 m(51,800 ft)
Maximum range with fuel drop tanks(jettisoned after use):2483 km(1,543 miles)

Armarment:Two 20 mm M-39 cannons in fuselage and nose and two AIM-9 sidewinder missiles on wingtip launchers,plus upto 3175 kg(7,000lb) of mixed stores.