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Starbase 94
Ship Assignment
Tactical School
Weapons School
The Shipyard
USS Paladin
USS Yorktown
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Welcome to Starbase 94, the current home of all Starfleet Academy Resistance Group vessels,it is also the main resupply point for all S.A.R.G. vessels.

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After many encounters in deepspace StarFleet Command decided that S.A.R.G. should be capable of handling vessels aswell as handheld weaponry.They have authorized each member of the group command of a vessel if they so desire it.We will list the ship assignments based on rank later on.Please note not all members of S.A.R.G. command vessels,and not all go on Hazard Missions. Starfleet Academy Resistance Group(S.A.R.G.) now plays both Elite Force(EF) and Bridge Commander(BC) for the PC.Starbase 94 is simply schematics, tech notes on each member's ship and current operational status