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Starbase 94
The Shipyard


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The Shipyard
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Welcome to the shipyard,here you'll find technical notes on each of the classes we fly,each is ship is different though as chief engineers commonly modify various aspects of the internal systems.These specifications are for ships right out of the shipyard. 


Sovereign Class Starship:
Height 85 meters*
Length 681 meters
Width 314 meters*
Officers 113
Crew 945
Phasers 8 arrays
Photons 1 turret fore, 2 bays aft Stock: Photon-250 Quantum-250
Cruise Speed 6
Max Speed



The Sovereign class is one of the newest ships to join the fleet.  It is also one of the most advanced ships in use today.  The Sovereign leads in science packages, sensors, weapons and a fast warp drive.




Akira Class:
Height 80 meters
Length 466 meters
Width 420 meters
Officers 90
Crew 425
Phasers 4 Type 12 Phaser Arrays
Photons 2 Launchers, Fore and Aft Stock: 250 Photon, 50 Quantum
Cruise Speed 6
Max Speed 9.7
Impulse Akira Class vessels utilize the new hyper-impulse drives
Shuttles 41 Shuttlecraft Standard, one Danube Class Runabout



Akira Class ships are relatively new in operation, but not in design. They have been around since the conception of the Nebula Class. These two ships were in competetion for a new mission specific starship. The Nebula was picked because of the already exisiting Galaxy Class. Around 2371, Starfleet pulled out the Akira Class project again and gave it new type 12 phaser arrays, a stock of quantum torpedoes, ablative armor and ECM equipment. Although this ship is multi-mission, it is very capable of front line defense.


Nebula Class:
Height 132 meters*
Length 583 meters*
Width 440 meters*
Officers 92
Crew 830
Phasers 7 arrays
Photons 2 launchers or a photon pod Stock: 75-with photon pod-250
Cruise Speed 6
Max Speed 9.6


The Nebula class ship was an offshoot of the Galaxy class.  Most notably stolen from the Galaxy was the saucer, warp nacelles and warp core and computer and weapon systems.  Nebula class ships are also very mission specific.  They have the capability to change pods.  They have sensor pods, photon torpedo pods, and a barracks pod.

Galaxy Class:
Height 150 meters
Length 641 meters
Width 352 meters
Officers *
Crew 1016
Phasers 14 Arrays
Photons 2 bays/1 each Stock:250
Cruise Speed 6
Max Speed 9.7



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